Friday, June 10, 2011

Our Vacation!

Brad and I just got back from an aahhh-may-zing vacation to DINNEYLAND!! It was our first vacation (aside from the honeymoon ;] ) that we have taken together as a married couple. And oh boy was it marvelous. I feel like this vacation really helped to even further solidify our marriage!! Just us two! It was perfect.

So here's the famous castle:

And Brad, bless his heart, tried to get a picture of me on this ride in Toon Town. Apparently this guy's wife was standing right next to him waiting to take this picture. Brad said she was waving and jumping up and down and calling his and the little boy's names. She jumped on Brad's foot and now his pinky toe is bruised! And apparently after she got the picture, she turned to Brad and said "Finally!! This is the THIRD TIME I made them go on the ride because they kept making the most hideous faces!" I vow to NEVER be one of those crazy mothers/wives.

Anyways, Brad was trying to get a picture of me but missed and got these people. But you can see me in the next car, wearing my favorite sweater! And I certainly hope this isn't the face the boy was making when the mom got the picture...or else..hello 4th time!!! Poor kid. I think the dad really looks like Mike from Desperate Housewives.

And here's just a random shot. I loved the wind mills.

And here we are on Splash Mountain!! I asked this cute grandma lady who was waiting for her family to take it for us because the line was pretty short. Brad's in the front, I love how terrified he was. And I'm right behind him. It's really too bad you can't see our faces! But I had my hood on because I curled my hair this day and didn't want to risk ruining it.

After these few pictures, my camera battery died and much to my dismay, I realized I forgot to bring the charger. Grrr!

On our last day we drove to Newport Beach (I know, a ways out of the way) because my BFF, Macie, and her hubby Rob were down there. Luckily Mace got this picture of Brad and I and was nice enough to email it to me! Love it! And love HIM! This was a very special walk...we talked about starting a family!! I know that is usually secret or private or whatever, but I don't see why my friends and family shouldn't know. Brad feels the same way. So hopefully we'll have an adorable bun in the oven soon! AAHH!!

I am also sooo tan now. I'm so lucky I have the complexion that I do, I laid out for only like 3 hours and I'm as brown as a paper bag, only prettier. At least that's what Brad says. He sure is a sweet-talker and I love it! I can't wait to be the mother of his children. He is going to be an amazing dad. He is SO good with his little cousins and nieces and nephew, I can just see him now playing on the floor with our little kiddos.

Anyways, the vacation was a success. And it was really fun to get away with JUST Bradley :] He is my day and night and I couldn't imagine life without him and his sweet kisses and beautiful eyes!!

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